School History

Our school was constructed in 2002-03 and opened on August 18, 2003 as part of an expansion bond passage by the Duncanville ISD.

Our school was named for C. J Hyman, a long-time educator in the Duncanville I.S.D. and his wife, Anne Hyman, who taught in the district for many years. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hyman began their employment with the Duncanville Independent School District in 1953.  Mr. Hyman served as a math teacher at Duncanville High School and his wife Anne began teaching second grade at Fairmeadows Elementary School. 

In 1962, Mr. Hyman was selected as the first principal of the newly constructed Merrifield Elementary School.  Following his service as the Merrifield Elementary Principal, Mr. Hyman was solicited by the Board of Trustees to become the district's first business manager.  Ultimately gaining the title of Assistant Superintendent for Business, he prepared monthly payroll for teachers and staff and accurately forecasted the financial affairs of the district during its tremendous growth and formative years.

Mr. Hyman was attributed with initiating the practice of using interest earnings on the funds of the district to support teacher pay increases and is credited for introducing computers to district management.  He served with two additional superintendents, W.H. Byrd and Sam Thompson, before his retirement in 1983 after serving a total of 30 years with the district, twenty of those as Assistant Superintendent for Business.

Mr. C. J. Hyman died on November 9, 1989 at the age of 70 and was honored by the Texas House of Representatives for his contribution to the Duncanville community and for touching the lives of students throughout his tenure in the Duncanville Independent School District.  He was a graduate of Duncanville High School, a decorated World War II veteran, and was a recipient of a Purple Heart.  Anne Hyman continues to thrive in the community and is considered a treasure of the district.  She taught for many years in Duncanville schools.

Mascot: Hawks
Colors: Red & Blue